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Department of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a process that enables persons with disabilities to attain and maintain maximum independence and realize physical, mental, social and vocational ability and ensures full inclusion and participation in all aspects of life. Towards this end, a modicum of services is being offered by the Department of Rehabilitation.


1.      Training in Independent Living Skills

Training in Independent Living Skills is a key component of any rehabilitation programme. The training enables newly blinded persons learn skills to carry out day-to-day functions of life independently to the maximum extent possible. The Institute is conducting two different modules of Independent Living Skills Training. One is of three months duration at Dehradun and the other of 45 days duration at Regional Centre, Chennai and Regional Chapter, Kolkata. Its major components are training in orientation and mobility with white cane and sighted guide, Braille and use of adapted technologies, home management, personal grooming and socio-psycho adjustment.


2.      Guidance and Counseling

Sudden onset of blindness has serious implications at an emotional, psychological and social level. In some cases, the trauma of loss of vision if not attended to properly can result in depression and social withdrawal . In order to assist newly blinded individuals, the Institute established Crisis Intervention Unit in 1983. It not only carries out social psycho assessment but provides guidance and counseling for restoring confidence and self esteem. The Unit also works as a referral point as many newly blinded individuals require extensive intervention for reintegration in their work, programmes of training, education as well as their social lives.


3.      Distribution and Fitment of Assistive Devices under the ADIP Scheme

The Department is committed to promote the availability, knowledge and use of assistive devices and technologies, designed for persons with disabilities as they directly relate to habilitation and rehabilitation.


It has been the constant endeavor of the Government to provide the disabled persons with aids/appliances at minimum costs crucial for their social, economic, educational and vocational rehabilitation. To make available benefits of ADIP Scheme, the Institute conducts composite rehabilitation camps around the year. A well qualified and experienced team of rehabilitation and medical professionals provide services to persons with disabilities during the camps. They conduct functional and medical assessment and prescribe assistive devices prosthetic and orthotic devices as per the individual needs. Guidance and counseling services are also made available at the camp site. Where necessary, corrective surgeries are also performed. In majority of cases assistive devices are given at the camp site where devices need to be tailor made, for their distribution a follow up camp is organized. On an average, four to five camps are organized in a month and more than 15000 persons receive benefits annually.


Click here to view the Locations for ADIP Camps,


A person with disabilities fulfilling following conditions are eligible for assistance under ADIP Scheme through NIVH, its Regional Centre, Chapters and CRC, Sundernagar:


  • He/she should be an Indian citizen of any age.
  • Should be certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner that he/she is disabled and fit to use prescribed aid/appliance.
  • Person who is employed/self-employed or getting pension and whose monthly income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 10,000/- per month.
  • In case of dependents, the income of parents/guardians should not exceed Rs. 10,000/- per month.
  • Persons who have not received assistance from the Government, local bodies and Non-Government Organizations during the last 3 years for the same purpose. However, for children below 12 years of age this limit is one year.


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